Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Man Made

This is one of two steel sculptures by Albert Paley at the entrance of the Columbia Public Library. Collectively they are titled "Cypher." The south sculpture pictured here is over 30 feet tall and weighs 24,750 pounds.

In a statement sent to the library the day “Cypher” was installed, Paley wrote: “The sculptures function as sentinel guardians that herald the entering and exiting of the library. The seemingly irrational gestural nature of the sculptures function as a counterpoint to the formal elegance of the architecture. The title, ‘Cypher,’ references the signs, symbols and intricacies of the systematization of language. Although abstract and non-literal, the tall, tapered stylus-like elements, intertwined a midst the folded and scroll-like forms, have reference to writing implements. This provides a connotation to human communication and reflects the aspirations and assertions of the human condition through language. The sculptures aid in defining the cultural profile of this library complex.”


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