Monday, July 16, 2012

day 16. sign

"Old Missouri, fair Missouri, dear old varsity;  
Our are hearts that fondly love thee, here's a health to thee.  
Proud art thou in classic beauty, of thy noble past; 
With thy watchwords, Honor, Duty, Thy high fame shall last."

Street Sign on Mizzou's Campus

Missouri Avenue is on the east side of the Mel Carnahan Quadrangle. Heading North, you will pass Arvahr Strickland Hall and Hulston Hall School of Law on the right with the Quadrangle on your left.

Tiger  Plaza
Tiger Plaza is the entrance to the Carnahan Quadrangle. You can see Missouri Avenue here with Hulston Hall on the right and the Jesse Hall dome on the left. The words to the alma mater at the start of this post are written in the fountain you see pictured above.

We begin every athletic event with that song. I can't wait to sing those words again at Memorial Stadium...only 47 days left until football!!!

Don't you just love how I turned this post about a sign into a post about sports?



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