Saturday, July 28, 2012

day 28. cup

Today was a long day.

I got up this morning and knew exactly which cup I would fill with coffee. I reached for it on the top shelf, brewed my Green Mountain coffee, and went to the back deck to do some reflection. You see, today is the day my grandmother would be laid to rest.

I sat on the back deck with my coffee and reminisced about visiting her as a child. I thought about the long car drive and watching for the blue house (that's when I knew we were there). I thought about playing with Fischer Price toys with my sister in the back room. I thought about the "big box" at Christmas full of little presents. I remembered dressing up in her old dresses and trying to twirl like her... It's also National Dance Day today. So appropriate! She loved to dance.

We drove to the tiny town of Mercer this morning. The drive is a little bit longer, the blue house is no longer blue, and the town seems to get smaller with each visit. We drove by Grandma's house, and I immediately remembered her making a clothesline tent out of a sheet in the back yard. My sister and I would play in that tent with our dolls for hours. On the drive home, I remembered taking that same road back to Columbia as a college student. I was grateful for every weekend spent with her. Now I'm not too sure when I'll be back to Mercer.

So, I knew exactly which cup I would fill with coffee and photograph today. This cup was in her coffee mug collection given to her by me. I'm pretty sure I gave it to her when I was a freshman at Mizzou. I was proud to be a Mizzou Tiger then and even more so today. But now the cup holds a whole different meaning for me. It's a cup overflowing with wonderful memories of Grandma.


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