Thursday, July 19, 2012

Grandma 1917 - 2012

"There's no place like home except Grandma's."

 I have always looked up to my Grandma. If a child could have a favorite grandparent, she would be mine. Today, she passed away peacefully at the age of 95.

I have great memories of visiting Grandma in the little town of Mercer, Missouri. I remember her kitchen the most because of her coffee mug collection. I'm sure she's the reason why I love coffee so much! She loved to travel and it seemed like an easy keepsake to bring home. Others caught on, including myself, and would bring one to her. She hung each one on a hook on the walls in her kitchen. When we moved her to a care center, we had a garage sale at her home. Those mugs were a very hot item! Everyone wanted to own one of Miss Cora's mugs. 

her memoirs
In true Grandma fashion, she was a great cook too. Her homemade chicken and noodles were my favorite. She would also make this wonderful cinnamon roll "tea ring" for breakfast (always at midnight or it "just wouldn't turn out right") and her rolls were the best. I've tried to duplicate her tea ring for my own kids as a Christmas morning tradition. I almost have it right. Maybe you just have to be a Grandma... (that can wait for me).

But Grandma was also my greatest inspiration. She was a school teacher for 50 years. When she retired in 1988, she received the Missouri Pioneer in Education Award in Jefferson City. She told her story in a book called "Miss Cora Remembers". I am so thankful she decided to do this. It's a priceless gift to have her memoirs. She was my inspiration to educate students. I remember telling her that one day at college when I changed my major. My career path took me on a different journey, but I still think of myself as an educator. She wrote in her book to me, "I am very proud of you, my dear grand-daughter. You are one of those I hope I inspired because you are very special." 

You did, Grandma. And you always will.

in loving memory


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