Saturday, July 21, 2012

Power Song

I need a great playlist when I run. Some runners enjoy the silence and pace themselves to the sound of their own breathing. I want thumping beats and familiar lyrics in my ears to keep me going. I don't care to hear how hard I'm breathing. So, I run with an iPod Shuffle. Included is a Fitness setting by Nike+ which tracks your workouts. You can run for time, distance, or calories. That's all very helpful, but one feature I really like is the POWER SONG.

When your body says no, the power song says yes.

The Power Song is the track that gets you out the door, up a steep hill, or over the proverbial wall with a burst of energy. It's your very personal "kick some butt" anthem. Your best Power Song might be about the lyrics, the energy of the song, or maybe it's the BPM (beats per minute). "Eye of the Tiger" has been a top Power Song since the inception of Nike+. I get it. Great lyrics but not really the beat I need. "Lose Yourself" is another popular one (and it's on my playlist). It's the perfect combination of pounding energy, inspiring lyrics, and a BPM around the 180 range. Perfect running track.

Right now my power song is Little Bad Girl by David Guetta featuring Taio Cruz and Ludacris. It's a song about a guy watching a girl getting dirty on the dance floor, but I hear him saying keep it going, don't stop, you are one bad chick!!!
  • Look at her go...
  • She's amazing...
  • Keep it going girl...
  • Don't stop...
  • Go Little Bad Girl
  • Go Little Bad Girl
  • Go Little Bad Girl
He's singing it in my ear, and I start believing it. I am one bad chick! I got this! Don't stop now! Keep it going! Go little bad girl! Yeah!  

Do you have a Power Song? What gets you moving?


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