Sunday, July 8, 2012

day 8. lunch

Who loves Mexican food???  This girl!!! A trip to Chipotle sounded like an excellent idea for lunch today. Maybe it was the photo of the day prompt "lunch" that made me think of a yummy burrito bowl. I literally woke up thinking of what I was going to have for lunch today. You know, so I could snap a cool picture of it.

That might be a tad obsessive.

Doesn't matter because I got my Mexican fix.

Don't you just love their rice? I've tried to duplicate it at home. I've come pretty close with a recipe I found on Pinterest. Nothing beats the real thing though. My "usual" order is a burrito bowl with chicken, white cilantro lime rice, black beans, corn salsa with a little mild salsa thrown in, cheese, and lettuce. Hubby ordered a spicy chicken burrito, and I made the mistake of getting a "child's" lunch for my son.  His response was "Mom, I'm 11 years old". Apparently he's too big for a child's meal now. Honestly, he probably is, but he's not a big eater at lunch time. And this was his first Chipotle experience. I didn't know if he would like it, so I got him a single chicken taco with rice and chips. He must have liked it because he inhaled his lunch today. Maybe he has an affinity for Mexican food like his Momma. I'd be OK with that.

Thank you, photo of the day, for inspiring my lunch selection.  It was muy bueno!


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