Sunday, July 22, 2012

day 21. 9 o'clock

It's 9 o'clock on a Saturday...

I wonder how many other people thought of Billy Joel's Piano Man when they read the photo a day prompt. I thought it was pretty darn perfect.

9 o'clock AM
That morning I went for a run because the temp outside was perfect. I'm happy to report that I'm getting faster! I ran my neighborhood loop 2 minutes faster compared to about 2 weeks ago. I'm training for a 5K in September; the 8-week schedule starts on Monday.

Then I started packing for the lake. My parents are taking my kids to Branson on Monday for the week. I wanted to do some sunbathing... I mean quality lake time with them before they left.

I also talked with Mom about my grandmother's arrangements which will be June 28th. My sister and I looked through some photos for a slideshow that she will be putting together. We found some great photos and had a few laughs. My mom narrowed down the photos to about 100 I think (yes, that was narrowing them down). It's going to be a nice keepsake to have of her life.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon and well into the evening down on the dock. We wore those kids out! Here's a few photos of the cousins having a blast in the water.

The lake also produces some pretty awesome sunsets. So I stayed down on the dock until 9 o'clock to take a PM photo for today too. Another wonderful day spent at the lake.

9 o'clock PM


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