Monday, July 23, 2012

day. 23 mirror

entry way mirror
One thing I can say for sure about the photo a day challenge... it has pushed me to look at ordinary objects in a more creative way. Just like the self-portrait prompt on day 1, I went looking for reflective objects around my house for today's photo. There are mirrors all around us, and some you might not expect.

First I noticed all of the standard mirrors I have in my house. The bathroom mirror, of course, is essential during the morning grooming routine. My closet doors are mirrors which allow me to check my outfit before I leave the house, and it gives the illusion of a larger room. We also have this very nice mirror in my entry way.  

rear view mirror
The mirrors on my car are very important during my commute. I snapped this photo while sitting at a stop sign this morning (I was NOT driving). I also noticed while driving that the nice clean car in front of me reflected my own car. That reminded me I needed to go through a car wash today as mine was still covered in lake gravel dust. 

Then there is the unexpected... a glass vase on my dining room table that reflects objects surrounding it. I can also see my reflection in the microwave door, the television screen, and the face of the clock on the wall.

At work I have photos sitting on my desk. If the light is just right, I can see my reflection in the glass of the frame. That's handy when you want to fix your makeup and don't have a "real" mirror on hand.

But I decided to use this photo of the sliding glass door in my living room because at night, it becomes a mirror. 

my reflection in the sliding glass door
Now listen up, moms-to-be, because I'm about to give away a secret. You will quickly learn where these kinds of mirrors are in your house. These mirrors will become your extra set of eyes. You will soon notice reflections in objects and then start placing them strategically around your house in order to watch your ornery little children more closely. Yes, these lovely mirrors will become the eyes in the back of your head. Start looking for them now. You won't want to miss a thing... because you will also catch cute little moments too. Like your daughter dancing and singing Disney songs or your son pretending to be a Jedi. Those moments are priceless.

I also think children themselves make excellent mirrors. They are an image of their parents not only genetically but behaviorally as well. A child must learn their behavior from some place, and the most influential factor would be the family. Children watch and copy. I have seen many proud moments reflected in my children, but I have also witnessed a few not so proud moments. I didn't have to wonder for long where they learned that behavior, or that word, or that gesture. They learn from watching.  

There certainly are mirrors all around us.


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