Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Tunes Tuesday - Dave Matthews Band

I find that I am very productive during the day when listening to Dave Matthews Band. There is something soothing yet energizing about his music for me. I give him a listen while cleaning around the house, cooking in the kitchen, or balancing spreadsheets at work (which was what I was doing today).

So I declared today a Dave Matthews Band day.

Lucky for me their new album, Away From The World, was released today. Satisfied after the first listen, I went back to some of my favorites for a more in-depth review. First, I should let you know that Crash is my favorite DMB album just to give you some context.

The first of my favorite tracks is "Mercy" which sounds a lot like 90's DMB to me. This is also his first single from the album. Singing mercy will we overcome this / Oh one by one could we turn it around / Maybe carry on just a little bit longer / And I try to give you what you need. I was as equally entertained with his want-you-back-bad song "If Only." If only I could love you / just the way I want to / oh, to have you back again. I am also loving the backyard jam "Rooftop." The chorus is so unexpectedly cool.

The song I have voted "most likely to succeed in a live concert jam" is "Snow Outside." It's just begging to be added to the set list. Having never been to a DMB concert (I know, right?), I would love to hear this one live. It is over six minutes of musical candy to your ears.  An extended version would be that much sweeter.

The album zigs and zags around shifting tempos, acoustic dips and swelling peaks. I think fans of DMB will be very pleased with this masterpiece. There's not a dud track to be found.

Thank you, DMB, for another productive day.


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