Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Tunes Tuesday - No Doubt

The wait is over! Has it really been 11 years since their last album release... and 17 years since I overplayed "Don't Speak?" Where has the time gone?!

Well after listening to Push and Shove, it seems as if time has stood still because this album doesn't sound a day over 1995. But that doesn't mean it sounds dated either. No Doubt stays true to their roots and sounds with plenty of dance tracks and well executed ballads.

No matter how the tune misleads you at the start, like the title track "Push and Shove," it evolves into their signature sound. The first track, "Settle Down," is a classic No Doubt song. Don't get me started / I'm trying to get a hold on this / Get in line and settle down. It's a reggae influenced tune reminding us that after all this time they have not changed. Same goes for "Looking Hot," a dancehall pop tune that morphs into a reggae beat.

"One more summer / One more weekend / I'm your lover / You're my weakness," Stefani pleads in "One More Summer." It's a new wave track with a nostalgic feel and one of my favorites. "Easy" is a great 80's sounding ballad that sounds like it jumped right out of a John Hughes film. "Undone" is an emotional ballad and strong addition to the album. Don't leave me behind / This time I need you nothing's feeling right / 'Cause I'm in trouble help me / No one needs you more than me

There really isn't one track on this album that isn't hummable or danceable. Welcome back, No Doubt! This album was well worth the wait.


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